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[Ubiquiti Edge Router] zone-based firewall with VMware environment – Quick review kit



I was preparing for this tutorial long time… so here it is -> zone-based firewall with VMware environment.

Together with this post there supposed to be video tutorial as, I experienced some technical issues when I was preparing movie (mostly with quality of my voice)

At the moment I am waiting for new microphone, and then once again I will prepare movie and publish on YouTube channel and of course will post here with information.

Please have a look on quick review kit how to deal with zone-based firewalling on Ubiquiti Edge Router series, below you will find agenda, and hopefully soon will finish movie.

Hope you like it, any questions please leave comment. Please don’t forget to subscribe 🙂


– Ubiquiti Edge Route lite part –

  1. Prepare interfaces (per zone) on Ubiquiti Edge Router Lite -> eth1.600
    (VLAN, IP addressing)
  2. Configure firewall policies
    – Firewall Group (object)
    – Access Control List per firewall group (object)
  3. zone-based policy
    – Configure relations between zone ZONE:WAN (external) and ZONE:UBNT (internal)
  4. Troubleshooting based on SSH 22/TCP issue
    – tcpdump
    – understading TCP flags
    – three way handshake
    – conntrack

– VMware ESXi server part –

  1. Configure vSwitch
    – Create new port group
    – Add VLAN number 600
  2. Configure Virtual Machine
    – Assign to port-group on VMware
    – Provide IP addressing on vNIC